Sure Swing Golf Machine “The Ultimate Golf Swing Trainer” is a unique patented mechanical device that quickly and easily teaches a fundamentally sound golf swing. It is the only training device that gives students the feeling great players experience when they swing a golf club.

Teaching a golf swing can be a challenge. So many things for the student to think about and yet the golf swing takes about a second to complete. In such a short period of time it is impossible for students to think about all the moving parts required to make a great swing. Students often get “tied up” mentally trying to learn the swing and sometimes they never feel what happened when they do hit a good shot.

Golf instructors can teach swing concept but teaching feel, well that is the real challenge. Sure Swing Golf Machine gives the student the feel of how the swing should feel from start to finish. Not only does the Sure Swing Golf Machine keep the club on plane it also moves the hands and arms properly through out the swing, squaring the club at impact every time and puts the student in a solid “trophy finish”. Using the Sure Swing Golf Machine teaches students the feeling of a great golf swing and provides teachers that missing link with their students on “how it is done”. No training aid on the market today can match the results the Sure Swing Golf Machine provides students. Paul Purtzer says “It is easy, fun, very effective and greatly decreases learning time. My students can feel the ‘correct’ golf swing on there first lesson!”

Paul Purtzer PGA Instructor


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